Galleries HQ

Wayne created a mobile platform called Galleries HQ. A native iOS app for iPad, the solution promoted art from 80 artists in a dozen countries.

The Technology

Built using Objective-C and iOS 6.0, this two year project utilized multiple frameworks including UIKit, MapKit, Core Graphics, Facebook, Twitter and Grand Central Dispatch (GCD).

The Design

Galleries HQ employed many standard Cocoa design patterns including Model-View-Controller, UIView Subclassing, Delegation, Notifications, Abstract Factory and Singleton. Multi-threaded capabilities were achieved through Blocks and Grand Central Dispatch (GCD).

The Data

Galleries HQ was powered by a platform-as-a-service resource similar to Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. All data was processed asynchronously through a proprietary JSON format.

The Swift Algorithms Book

Written for students and professionals, The Swift Algorithms Book blends modern code, illustrations and computer science to help you pass the interview or build your next app. Perfect for the classroom or the office, the book takes a fresh approach to explain concepts that power search engines, databases and social networks. 

Other Projects

Beyond Galleries HQ, Wayne designed a social media iPhone app named Flatter Chatter and provided project management on a iOS game for iPad named Skwint. Wayne is also enthusiastic about technical project management, the arts, e-learning and mentoring others in software development.