Swift 3.0 Preview!

With Swift 3.0 now available, the Swift Algorithms Book has been updated to reflect this new standard!

What's New

There have been many language refinements introduced with Swift 3.0. This has provided an opportunity to establish new standards with the release of the 2nd edition. Notable Swift 3.0 proposals now supported include:

  • New collection indexing model (SE-0065)
  • Remove C-style for-loops with conditions (SE-0007)
  • Consistent parameter naming (SE-0046)
  • Warning for unused results (SE-0047)
  • New implicit unwrapped optionals model (SE-0054)
  • Better Translation of Objective-C APIs Into Swift (SE-005)

Existing 1st edition readers should study the revamped Swift 3.0 collection indexing model. This implementation can be seen with the revised chapter on Tries as well the new topics related to Generics.

Additional Refinements

Sorting examples have been revised to support Int and Array extensions. Beyond centralizing specific operations, their design now supports code related to Recursion. A general effort has also been made to improve Generics. This can been seen with expanded content on Hash Tables, Sorting & Search. Finally, a new chapter on Unit Testing has been added.

Posted on July 28, 2016 .