Advanced Sorting

If you follow the latest happenings with the book, you've probably received news about the latest update. Available in digital, print and code format, this new update extends the introductory content on sorting with the advanced quicksort algorithm. Unlike algorithms like insertion sort and bubble sort, the quicksort technique applies a divide & conquer strategy and has an average time complexity of O (n log n). Existing readers can enjoy this new chapter with color illustrations and the latest Swift 3.0 code.

Already had a chance to pre-order a printed book? This new content will be included when we start shipping books later this month.

Posted on October 5, 2016 .

Swift 3.0 GM Seed Update

Existing followers of the project may have noticed the latest 2.1 book update was implemented to support Swift 3.0 / Xcode 8.0 beta 6. We are pleased to report the latest book update is fully compatible with the Swift 3.0 GM Seed - no changes or updates required!

What's Next?

Even though we're all set with Swift 3.0, we have plans to continue expanding the book with new code, illustrations and content in the months to come. Stay tuned for the latest announcements by subscribing to our newsletter or following the blog.

Posted on September 19, 2016 and filed under Code.

Version 2.1 Book Update

With the final version of Swift 3.0 soon to be announced, the algorithms project has been updated to reflect the latest standard.

Available as a free update for existing 2nd edition readers, version 2.1 includes enhanced code samples that support the latest Swift 3.0 syntax (introduced with Xcode 8.0 beta 6). These include minor functional changes to inout parameters, optionals, cast operations and infix operators.

These changes are now available in digital book and Xcode Playground format. Not sure about your copy? If you've made a 2nd edition purchase, you should have recently received an email on how to download the latest files. To verify your version, check the "Copyright" section for the version number.

Posted on September 13, 2016 .

New Swift 3.0 Playgrounds!

To support the 2nd edition of the Swift Algorithms Book, we are pleased to announce availability of the code series in Xcode 8.0 Playground format!

Xcode 8.0 Playgrounds

Available today, these new standalone Swift 3.0 files are great for sharing and experimentation. Provided as a single download bundle, popular topics include: Big O Notation, Linked Lists, Binary Search Trees, Graphs, Queues and others.


Originally introduced with Xcode 6.0, Playgrounds work as standalone Xcode files. Great for learning new topics, folks can get up and running without expert knowledge of Xcode or version control management. As with the supporting book, the Xcode 8.0 Playground series will be updated as Swift 3.0 evolves.

Posted on August 4, 2016 and filed under Code.