new international Shipping Options!

We've expanded shipping options for the printed book to include more than 70 countries! This comes after many requests from our international readers. With the book being read by folks around the globe, we couldn't be happier with this update.


How It Works

If you reside outside the US and would like a printed book, just choose the printed book-playground option. You'll pay our standard $6.00 shipping fee and that's it! We expected shipments to arrive in around 10-15 business days. We are especially pleased to start shipping books to new regions such as Asia, Australia, South America, Mexico and Eastern Europe. If you have any questions just let us know.

Posted on December 18, 2016 .

Student & Reader Discounts

With many developers now immersed in their new Swift 3.0 projects, I've been getting numerous inquires about possible book discounts for students and / or readers of the 1st edition of Swift Algorithms (e.g. Swift 2.2). I'm happy to announce these are both available!


If you already own the 1st edition, just contact us with your original order number and we'll send you a discount code for 50% discount off the new book. Similarly, students who provide documentation about their active online or in-person course will receive a 30% book discount. With the new Swift 3.0 book now shipping in print as well as digital format, now's a great time to take advantage of this offer.

Posted on November 14, 2016 and filed under E-Commerce.

Apple Pay & Gift Cards

Had a chance to try out Apple Pay? With support for iPhone 6, the new iPhone 7 and Mac OS Sierra, I've received a number of positive comments about the online experience. For those who haven't seen the user interface, it's pretty straightforward. With your iDevice or desktop browser configured, you'll see a new Apple button as part of the checkout experience:


What's nice is that once you arrive at this screen, just click the Apple button and you're done. A very streamlined process, Apple Pay makes for a nice alternative to Paypal.

Store Gift Cards

Along with Apple Pay, we've also received flattering requests for store gift cards. I'm pleased to announce these are now available. With the holidays fast approaching, folks can now purchase cards for a various amounts and have them sent to third parties. If you've enjoyed the book, feel free to spread the word and obtain a gift card for a fellow developer, student or collegue.

Posted on October 21, 2016 and filed under E-Commerce.

Advanced Sorting

If you follow the latest happenings with the book, you've probably received news about the latest update. Available in digital, print and code format, this new update extends the introductory content on sorting with the advanced quicksort algorithm. Unlike algorithms like insertion sort and bubble sort, the quicksort technique applies a divide & conquer strategy and has an average time complexity of O (n log n). Existing readers can enjoy this new chapter with color illustrations and the latest Swift 3.0 code.

Already had a chance to pre-order a printed book? This new content will be included when we start shipping books later this month.

Posted on October 5, 2016 .

Swift 3.0 GM Seed Update

Existing followers of the project may have noticed the latest 2.1 book update was implemented to support Swift 3.0 / Xcode 8.0 beta 6. We are pleased to report the latest book update is fully compatible with the Swift 3.0 GM Seed - no changes or updates required!

What's Next?

Even though we're all set with Swift 3.0, we have plans to continue expanding the book with new code, illustrations and content in the months to come. Stay tuned for the latest announcements by subscribing to our newsletter or following the blog.

Posted on September 19, 2016 and filed under Code.